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Linda moved to America inshe lived in Oklahoma for nine years and after all the hard works she eventually become an engineer; finally, she decided moved to California in My husband and I are from Iran.

People made this country out to be perfect, where everything comes easy and if we live here we will automatically have a wonderful life. Different people have different perspectives and definitions on California dream, and as Californians, we have strength and faith of being who we are right now.

She told me that as an engineer, Silicon Valley really is the best place for her to find a job, and she did. It has become a place where people expected to be successful and wealthy. How did a dream that once seemed impossible start to open up to an immigrant-origin population so reviled in when Proposition passed.

Out-migration has exceeded domestic in-migration in all but two years. Some people just wanted to look for opportunities to become successful, while some wanted a better job, education or standard of living.

Upward mobility was almost a sure thing. Mein alltag essay writer fidm merchandise marketing essay. Their kids walked to the neighborhood school, where they played pickup basketball on weekends.

It seems like "California Dream" has become a legend, and she is not a dream place for success Creative juices flow freely here, from indie filmmakers to software developers to surfing innovators. I hope after I graduate I could find a good job as well, which is also my dream.

What was surprising in the reading you completed for this week. The miners left everything behind and came to California to achieve their golden dream. Can existing businesses expand and create more jobs and opportunity for our growing state. Images of having California ranch houses, red wood decks and patios, outdoor barbecues and a big swimming pool is always makes us to think more about the economic and saving.

My Dream Ca Essay

Combine that with a population whose perspectives and passions circle the globe, and the dream is more vibrant than ever. It contains dreams and opportunities.

California is the first place in human history where such a diverse population has been brought together as equals.

There are a lot people came to California with high expectations, but got very disappointed when they find out that how hard it is in order to achieve that dream. Elk Grove, a suburban city near Sacramento, reports that more than 60 languages are spoken in its public schools.

But Where do I find more information. Just like a failed miner turned haberdasher took a fistful of grommets and created the preferred trouser of hardscrabble miners. Today, many Californians cannot even afford to live in their own hometowns.

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A Humbler California Dream

On July 17, California’s State Assembly and Senate voted to expand and extend through the state’s pioneering cap-and-trade program to curb greenhouse-gas emissions.

It was a huge victory for Governor Jerry Brown, who had insisted that both houses approve the measure by a .

California dreaming essay
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